Hannover Messe

As the world’s biggest industrial trade fair, the event had a certain energy that attracted countless companies and people from around the world. As usual, the German companies’ booths were impressive. Also, I noticed many countries had booths in a pavilion style, indicating how much effort they were willing to put into exhibiting at this event.
There was a wide range of technologies displayed, from the more traditional forms to the most advanced innovations, but I gravitated most towards companies that exhibited in a way that showed how the users can benefit from the particular technology, not just how it is used.
Because the use case was clear, it was easier to understand the technology, and their overall message.
I felt that the best way to appeal to the visitors, is to make it so that the visitors can easily imagine how advantageous and useful the technology or product is for them.
Also, another highlight for us was when we got a chance to have a good talk with the people from E-T-A and E PLAN, both of which are companies that advertise in our magazine.


Hannover Messe industrial technology
April 7 – 10
at Hannover Messe
In Hannover, Germany

Fujikura Ltd. is a non-ferrous metal manufacturer, specializing in communication cables and electric wires. They are a leading force in Japan’s power line industry, boasting 107 subsidiaries and 29 associated companies. With their “tsunagu”(connecting) technology, they have branched out to several lines of business and undertaken diverse projects. In the infrastructure department within the power & telecommunications company, they manufacture industrial power lines and optical fiber cables, and are plotting to expand into the construction and engineering field. In the optical fiber sector, they pride themselves in making the world’s best optical fibers, and their fusion splicers and connectors hold the largest share of the world market. In the electronics business, they offer a wide range of various electronic components and modules. Their flexible printed circuit, often used in mobile phones and digital cameras, is one of the best- selling FPC in the world, and they also supply electronic wires and thermal products. In the automotive products department, they focus on wire harnesses, but also put an emphasis on developing products that fuse together technologies from other lines of business, such as FPC. In their Research & Development lab, they are working hard in developing yttrium-based high-temperature superconducting wires and eco-friendly electric wires that are 99% recyclable and does not contain any environmentally harmful substances. They have been operating on a global scale since the 1980s, expanding their production base to Thailand, China, South America and Africa.

Nara-Seiko Inc. manufactures precision metal parts used in medical devices, optical equipment, and office equipment. In 1968, the company was established as a subsidiary of the camera company formerly known as Minolta. Through building components for cameras and other optical equipment, they honed their engineering capabilities and gained experience. In 1996, they branched out into the medical industry, obtaining the “Manufacturing and Marketing of First Class Medical Device” license. They are able to handle all medical devices from Class I (low risk) to Class IV (high risk), and specialize in developing OEM products such as endosseous dental implants, artificial joints, and surgical instruments. In 2011, they obtained the “JISQ9100:2009” certification for manufacturing aircraft parts. These days, they devote themselves to achieving the highest quality and accuracy possible through manufacturing various precision machine parts even when using hard-to-machine materials. Company president Hiroo Nakagawa says, “Come to us for your component processing needs. We can offer you the best solution based on experience and technical expertise. Even if you have doubts whether it’s possible, we are here to hear you out.”

Takaishi-industry Co., Ltd. develops and manufactures industrial precision rubber parts. They are a leading manufacturer of top quality rubber seals, with 60 years of experience in the business. They craft all of their products at the 3 factories they own, from mixing chemicals to kneading, molding, finishing, and inspecting finished products. They specialize in manufacturing rubber seals for water faucets, toilets, and gas appliances, as well as diaphragms for air pumps. Also, utilizing the equipment at the factories and experience gained through manufacturing said products they take custom prototype orders, perfect for checking the product before mass-production. Furthermore, they lend their technical expertise to researchers at institutions and developers at companies, to help develop new rubber materials. After receiving ingredient specifications from a client, they can mold a specimen to suit the client’s needs and deliver it promptly, as they have over 70 types of rubber compound ready, and are well equipped with engineering machinery. They strive to be a development & proposal-based rubber manufacturer, and are not afraid to take on challenges that other companies might find too difficult.