Hitachi Regional Industrial Technical Support Center of Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, along with 6 small to medium companies from the area, entered the world’s largest trade fair for medical technology; COMPAMED2013. The businesses that entered the event were fronted by members of a crew of prospective managers, the Hitachi Risshijuku. COMPAMED logoThrough their precision machining technology, these businesses play key roles in the Japanese manufacturing scene with specialties ranging from press working, can welding, spring manufacturing, cutting, punch pressing, and injection molding, all with precision perfect accuracy and skill. These businesses provide the indispensable parts and product manufacturing equipment to internationally active, Japanese manufacturers. Such companies are among the prime cut within their specialties, but are quite well hidden from the public and overseas. To word it differently, they are truly the hidden gems of Japan. The companies that have entered this trade show display great initiative through their precision processing techniques. The lineup includes a company that produces key components for car parts (air flow sensors) accounting for over 60% of the world’s shares, a company with technology of manufacturing the world’s smallest springs, as well as businesses certified by the Japanese government in recognition of their high-level of technological development. The companies will strive towards providing a high-level precision processing technology to the global market with EU at helm, and will aim to rise as champions from Japan in providing globally indispensable products to the world.

Ohnuki Manufacturing Industry Co., Ltd. has its plant in Hitachi City of Ibaraki Prefecture, and works in manufacturing precision press dies and precision press part processing. The precision press parts created by the company are key components in the air flow sensors produced by a major auto parts manufacturer holding top of the world’s share. The company also receives support from the Japanese government for its high-level of technological development, and continues to actively innovate in the field of precision press part processing. Through their research, the company has developed forging techniques of aluminum reflectors, LED packages, and processing techniques for metallic surfaces using a press, and the junction technology for the internal surfaces of stainless steel. Through these new press processing techniques, the company contributes to its clients with valuable technology that surpasses conventional methods. To add, the company also provides for the LED module used for the medical lighting equipment manufacturers in Europe, making the company a true international company.

MATS TECH GmbH has a plant based in Hitachinaka City of Ibaraki Prefecture, and specializes in precision cutting and processing of parts through the use of spindle moving-type, small automatic lathes. Utilizing their state of the art equipment and the experience of expert technicians, the company is able to produce these high precision and complex shape parts in a single step integrated method, where in comparison, conventional procedures requires secondary manufacturing and polishing processing. M.Tech has also been certified as a company of high-level technological development, and excels in their thin, lengthwise processing technology. Using their micro NC lathes with continuous correctional capabilities, the company has succeeded in machining thin long parts that are 0.08mm in external diameter and 0.8mm in length. To heighten the company’s international presence, in October of 2013, the company has opened an office in Dusseldorf, Germany, with aim to supply micro precision parts used in devices such as endoscopes.

Daiichi Fab Tech Co., Ltd. bases its plant in Mito City of Ibaraki Prefecture, and is known for its small lot capable, variety precision sheet metal processing. The company has incorporated German state of the art laser machining and has made proposals for three-dimensional sheet metal processing. This has led to the realization of complex shaped sheet metal processing, opposed to conventional products which are commonly bent at angles. The company also took on the challenge of press processing of Magnesium, widely known as the ultimate lightweight metal, and is involved with research and development for future uses. For its international outreach, Daiichi Fab Tech aims to collaborate with medical equipment manufacturers within the EU.

Satte-spring Co., Ltd. is a company primarily known for producing compression springs and extension springs, and bases its plant in Koga City of Ibaraki Prefecture. Possessing a high-level of technology pertaining to processing small diameter springs, the company makes possible the production of parts using wires of 10 μ crafted from diameters 1/5 that of human hairs. Satte-spring is also highly capable in the field of processing special steels like Tungsten, and machining complex shapes. The company has also succeeded in manufacturing coil springs with a D/d ratio of under 3 (D is the mean diameter, and d is the material diameter). The special springs that Satte-spring produces is widely used in fields requiring high-quality parts that can withstand extreme environments, such as for use in medical endoscopes and fuel pumps. With sight on the global market, the company is examining possibilities in supplying parts to manufacturers of medical products and equipment such as endoscopes and catheters to the EU territories.

Bethel Co., Ltd. With a plant based in Ishioka City of Ibaraki Prefecture, Bethel Co., Ltd. manufactures products such as nozzles used in intraoral treatment. Conventional intraoral treatment nozzles require secondary manufacturing, as it was impossible to create a thin and long nozzle component through injection modeling. In answer to this, Bethel produces high-quality intraoral treatment nozzles through the development of technology that allows for integrated manufacturing. These intraoral nozzles can be produced in different shapes based on clients’ needs, and as a result, this has already attracted business with clients in Germany. Bethel makes preproduction product design proposals, and is able to prototype and mass produce, while being able to take on complex technological challenges to orders that other companies are not able to meet. Moving forward, the company will seek an agency to bridge with the EU market, to offer their intraoral treatment nozzles and other products, as well as to expand distribution in the EU territories.

Nogamigiken Co., Ltd. has its plant in Hitachi-Omiya City of Ibaraki Prefecture, and specializes in precise cutters and parts manufacturing, press processing of parts, as well as ultra precise film punching molds and jigs. The company’s precision grinding technology guarantees an unrivaled accuracy of parallel precision and perpendicularity of 5/10,000 mm. The longevity of the ultra-precise, punch dies utilizing this technology is extensive and keeps burrs and deformation in check. This technology also received the Machine Parts Award of the 2012 ‘Cho’ Monozukuri Innovative Parts and Components Awards hosted by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun. Possessing punching technology in a pedigree of its own, the company has received high praise for its products supplied to domestic component manufacturers, material manufacturers for EV batteries, auto manufacturers, and more recently, overseas businesses in Germany and the US. Moving forward, the company will offer solutions to EU businesses troubled by burrs from manufacturers of transfusion solution packages, contact lenses, transfusion pumps, syringe pumps, films for x-rays (precise press processing and for special films,) and sheets for filter papers and saliva testing, and more.