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San-ei Seisakusho Co., Ltd. provides every single piece of equipment and machinery that suits the needs of its customers. Since its inception, the company has been engaged in the manufacturing of machine parts in a broad range of industries such as the automotive, powder and sanitary products industry, and in the processing of medical equipment parts. Rather than the mass-produced standardized products such as bearings and shaft that are readily-available, San-ei Seisakusho is a specialist at manufacturing complex, small batch/single item, customized products. Normally, parts with complex shapes are produced by a 5-axis control finishing machine, however the company can make 2.5 dimensional fabrication of lathes and machining centers by using two-dimensional general purpose equipment and its in-house fixtures. This strength is what differentiates San-ei Seisakusho from other companies.

The power to realize the customer’s needs through products

The high level of technical capability to deliver high-quality, one-part, one-spec customized parts within a short period of time is just one of the strengths that make San-ei Seisakusho stand out from the other companies. In mass production, the  5-axis finishing machine plays a major role; however, because it requires a significant amount of time to program the production process, it cannot quickly produce a small batch/single item. Also, a 5-axis finishing machine cuts all faces of the item at once, thereby increasing the risk of work strain. Thus, the company’s process of using a two-dimensional general-purpose machine that connects the production process together while taking into account each surface one by one makes it possible to produce parts with higher precision.

Currently, the abrasion materials mainly used by the company are metals, stainless steel, aluminum, etc., however, the company is also engaged in manufacturing gears that  uses low thermal displacement and high strength YAG (yttrium, aluminum, garnet) as a specialized raw material. Usually, SNCM (Nickel-Chrome-Molybdenum) alloy steel is used in manufacturing gears, but during the hardening process, while the hardness increases, the tensile strength decreases, and so the gears become brittle.

However, YAG does not cause strength reduction due to hardening, and significantly enhances the durability of the gears. Furthermore, since the amount of time needed for the polishing and hardening process is reduced, it is possible to speed up the delivery time two weeks earlier as compared to SNCM. YAG is a specialized material that belongs to the category of difficult-to-cut materials; however, since the company has been working with YAG for many years, it has accumulated the know-how regarding the feed rate, change of cutting tool, etc. , and thus can manufacture products catering to the needs of its customers.

Moreover, the true value of the company’s technology can be seen in its relief-fabricated lathes. This fabrication involves cutting the interior bigger than the diameter of the entrance, so that the structure has the characteristics of a limestone cave. This is a necessary procedure in machines that have repetitive up-and-down movement such as slotting machines, for example, and is important in letting out extra friction.

However, the number of technicians that can manually perform this kind of craftsmanship is decreasing every year, so fewer factories can perform this process. If price is not a consideration, the procedure can be done by using electrical discharge machining, however this is precisely the reason why companies with technicians that can operate relief-fabricated lathes have become very valuable.

As a company with a high level of technical expertise and extensive experience, it is often approached by customers asking for advice regarding parts that cannot be expected to be completed by the customer. There was a customer who was looking for a clamp fixture that was mass-produced at a machining center, and that customer did not bring a final layout, only a simplified plan, but through trial and error, the company was able to provide the customer a new clamp fixture. Also, with regard to large parts that cannot be manufactured in a usual machining center, the company has the big advantage of flexibility since it can also provide low-cost products with reduced machine charge, which usually increases when using large-scale machines

By making full use of its abilities to response flexibly and provide the best solutions, San-ei Seisakusho has established a very high reputation among its clients for creating a product from just one image within a short delivery time. Clients have given San-ei Seisakusho their highest compliments, “We are in good hands with San-ei.”


San-ei Seisakusho upholds the spirit, “Craftsmanship is Service”

The company’s strengths are its short delivery time and large amount of orders for difficult-to-manufacture products; however, President Toshitsugu Tanaka believes that  the company’s flexibility, the ability to provide the best solutions, and management capability are three important factors that add to those strengths. “Our company talks business directly with the person-in-charge of the purchasing department of manufacturing companies, and they told us that what they are most worried about are bad products and delivery delays.

Issues regarding pricing can be resolved through consultation, but delivery and quality can also affect our clients.  To avoid these kinds of situation, we have set the motto, “craftsmanship is service” in our company, and by communicating constantly with our customers we try to eliminate their stress and build a relationship of trust.  In addition, aside from management of delivery, we aim to provide satisfaction to our customers through our craftsmanship by devising manufacturing methods that take into consideration our customers’ various demands including cost.

“Thank you. You helped us a lot!” Tanaka is happy every time he receives these kinds of compliments from his clients; however going forward he would like to let the world know of the company’s technical capabilities. While the factory in Vietnam is up and running and is expanding its domestic business, the company will continue to take advantage of its know-how in stainless steel processing technology that it has acquired over the years, and aims to have orders from medical equipment and food manufacturing businesses from the United States and all over the world.

San-ei Seisakusho Co. Ltd.

Business Description: Manufacturing of machine parts
Headquarters Address: 6-5-68 Izuo, Taisho-ku, Osaka, 551-0031, Japan
President: Toshitsugu Tanaka
Founded: 1989
Number of employees: 18
Telephone number: +81-6-6556-3530
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