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Warisaki Split Metal Technology

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Warisaki is a technology developed by Seki Press Co., Ltd.  Patented since 2012, Seki Press succeeded in splitting titanium alloy 64 which has long presented challenges in the machining industry, which is today called Warisaki. This innovative technology  has allowed new versatile applications in materials machining and Seki Press continues to expand their business since then.

New Technology: Warisaki

This innovative technology all came across from string cheese. Yes, that cheese kids eat, or rather, that food kids play around with.  CEO of the company, Mr. Masakatsu Seki questioned to himself, whether if it is possible to split metals like the way cheese do when he saw his children playing around with string cheese. He challenged his research and development team, and after 2 years of thorough research and testing, Seki Press succeeded in developing a reliable metal splitting technology that worked on  variety of materials and forms including sheet, coil and rod. The technology was patented in Japan in Year 2012, and in Taiwan in 2015.


Three dimensional forms were seemed to be impossible before then. It required complex and costly integral molding process. Today, owning to their creation of Warisaki technology, clients can order three dimensional design up to an eighty per cent reduced cost than the traditional method. For example, manufacturing a single T shaped metal would have required two L shaped parts to be pressed and weld together in order to make a final product. Today, this could be manufactured in a single step with  the use of Warisaki technology.

Warisaki has been investigated and tested at one of the leading universities for technology in Japan. Warisaki reduced the number of weak spots, normally associated with pressing and welding processes. Warisaki was highly efficacious in crack prevention.

Collaborative Applications and Innovative Solutions

Warisaki was soon introduced to the world, after patenting its technology in 2012, including companies within Japan, Germany, China and Taiwan. This was a big turningpoint, but March 2015 was also another remarkable month for the company. Patent to their internal splitting technology were approved. This technology allowed grooves and holes to be processed on the edges and pipes. Technologies developed from Seki Press opened a whole new set of possibilities for manufacturers.

CEO of the company, Mr. Seki, attended number of international conferences in order to investigate further possibilities with Warisaki.  the company was receiving challenging inquiries across the world.  An American automobile manufacturer inquired Seki Press whether the technology to be used on pipes.  The company succeeded in applying the technology to different types of metal piping. They continue to answer the demands of the market.

The company sees nothing as impossible. They will challenge every inquiry and come out with a solution. They question the traditional assumptions and redefine what is possible. What was said to be impossible became possible when they split Titanium Alloy 64.


Impossible is Just a State of Mind: Splitting Titanium Alloy 64

Titanium is difficult to work with. Splitting titanium was deemed to be crazy. Everyone though splitting titanium was impossible and Mr. Seki knew the risks of carrying out such a challenge. However, after hundreds and thousands of trial and error, Seki Press succeeded in processing titanium. This bought the company to became a world leader in understanding the industrial and design applications of titanium. Seki Press made a quantum leap in defining what is possible with titanium.

Mr Seki recalls the days of experimenting around with titanium, “Titanium is an expensive metal and notoriously difficult to work with.  But I saw the potential of titanium so I went out on a limb, took that risk.  Significant amount of work, time and resources was taken and I sometimes even questioned myself, whether I was crazy or not to take on such a project. Now I am glad to have taken all that risk.”

Mr. Seki shared the possibilities of splitting titanium plates, wire and rode. From inverter busbar terminals to heat exchange equipment this technology applied to titanium can allow engineers to create designs with greater durability. This technology could not only be applied within the automobile industry, but also in the medical field. “Our customers are rapidly expanding in response to this particular innovation with titanium alloy” according to Mr. Seki.


No Technology, No Future

Seki Press today receives number of unique inquiries across the world. It has become a globally known company and today stands as one of the five fastest growing Japanese medium sized enterprisers exporting products directly to their international clients.  Seki Press is expanding fastest throughout Asia, but they are also  expanding their business in Europe and the United States.

Seki Press could be a solution to provide you at a lower cost to your most pressing manufacturing challenges you are facing today.


Seki Press Co. Ltd.

Company Name: Seki Press Co. ,Ltd.
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Established: 1950
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