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Miruc Optical Co., Ltd.

One-touch Air Pit is an advanced vacuum pickup instrument that is widely used in many industries, ranging through semiconductors, electronics, precision instrumentation, optics, clocks and watches and precious metals, etc. It is particularly powerful in the handling, inspection and assembly of parts and components and products, and is a valuable support tool in detailed manual work. Objects can be picked up and conveyed without manual contact, so there is no danger of contaminating an item with scratches, dirt, fingerprints or soiling, and, in comparison with conventional tweezers, there is a significant reduction in operator fatigue of the eyes and fingers, and work efficiency is greatly increased. We have prepared a full lineup of tip attachments which can be replaced to match application needs.

Miruc Optical Co., Ltd.
  • Miruc Optical Co., Ltd.
  • Business Operations: Designing and manufacturing of microscopes,optical-related equipment, precision machine tools,  positioning slide stages, and other related peripherals and special equipment

    Headquarters: 34-24 Matsuki, Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan 192-0362
    CEO: Hiroaki Muramatsu
    Founded: 1963
    Number of Employees: 24

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