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Miruc Optical Co., Ltd.

Skelton Stage:SK-60C

Skelton stage is the optimal slide unit for applications where convention metal devetail stages are unsuitable due to their weight, the gas they produce during anodizing, and the risk that grease contamination may cause their slides to stick. It has strong points such as greaseless, corrosion resistant and nonmagnetic etc.

The dovetail stage is a sliding unit that can be used in a variety of position settings, With no play in the fixtures or rack, its firm sliding action is made possible by the craftsman’s careful work on each individual product. Used as a standard positioning component in FA and other industrial fields, it is also widely used as a machine element part for tooling, etc.

Miruc Optical Co., Ltd.
  • Miruc Optical Co., Ltd.
  • Business Operations: Designing and manufacturing of microscopes,optical-related equipment, precision machine tools,  positioning slide stages, and other related peripherals and special equipment

    Headquarters: 34-24 Matsuki, Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan 192-0362
    CEO: Hiroaki Muramatsu
    Founded: 1963
    Number of Employees: 24

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