Exhibitions objectives

The year has passed and as we put 2014 behind we recognize that, be it a great year or a challenging year, we all managed and learned from our endeavors. We now look forward to 2015 with new energy, new plans, and new products.

SME companies in regions across the world are getting more attention for their critical role in industry chains. Governments in every country are recognizing SMEs’ contributions as they have played an important part in countries and contributed a substantial percentage to their respective economies. The other important factor is that SMEs are looking beyond just servicing local customers, SMEs now want to expand their products, services, and most importantly their brand, to other countries. Governments are supporting such initiatives by providing funding and assistance to overseas programs.

Also, easily accessible through the wonders of the internet, companies are using different communication tools and market platforms to bring their products to the right customers. The internet world has provided a great platform for companies to display, promote and sell their products to the world. The platforms help generate inquiries and business for manufacturers and on the other hand provide consumers easy access to and information on products, thus connecting customers directly to manufacturers. These platforms are good tools to promote, show, and launch new products to the world. On the hind side, there are probably thousands of companies available for consumers to browse, select, and compare with from the internet. Companies have to stand out among the thousands of companies having similar products to get attention.

Trade shows and exhibitions are traditional marketing tools that remain one of the most powerful to bring buyers, manufacturers, and suppliers together. It does not matter if one is marketing cars, mobile phones or internet platforms, buyers will want to visit trade shows to see the products being showcased and talk to manufacturers and suppliers. They enjoy being able meet and discuss agency and distribution agreements or sign contracts. Manufacturers want to show their latest equipment, products, solutions, and software to distributors and buyers.

As consumer demands become more sophisticated, behavior of consumers from different regions and countries will diversify. Trade shows and exhibitions continue to be for manufacturers and suppliers, they remain one of the best sites to get a better understanding of market trends, help companies to adapt to changes, and create new products.

Trade shows and exhibitions are where sellers meet buyers, where buyers visit, want to see/assess products, and meet representatives. Meeting at shows helps build confidence in buyers signing up for purchases because meeting face to face helps both buyers and sellers to assess products and provide opportunities for business partnerships. The face to face meeting remains a very important factor for businesses, especially in Asia, and is the key to a successful business cooperation.