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3-in-1 Multi-Dry Filter

Maeda Shell Service Co. Ltd.

It conducts filtering in stages by three performance elements

Three elements are equipped on the same concentric axle, the compressed air can undergo a complete change to overly clean air after passing three stages of the elements: separation of oil and moisture, drying-up, and removal of solid particles of 0.01 micrometer or more. With two pressure gauges being attached, exchange time management of elements can be carried-out by the visual monitoring.

The super-dry air of about 15% of humidity can be supplied using the principle of tornado

The second filter, in which cylindrical special cotton scroll with about 13,000 holes is contained, produces tens of thousands of tornados. When the compressed air passes through those holes vacuum state occurs same as in the actual tornados, water-drop can be evaporated by the difference of pressure between the external and internal sides, therefore the dry air of 15% (at the time of 0.7MPa) of humidity at best can be produced. Since its outstanding function, the second element is called a dry filter.

Energy-saving filter

Low-pressure loss of this filter is smaller by 30% – 50%, if compared with other oil filters.

Maeda Shell Service Co. Ltd.
  • Maeda Shell Service Co. Ltd.
  • Business Description: Manufacture and sale of filters for compressed air; manufacture and sale of urethane products; manufacture of shell cores; R&D of new products
    Headquarters address: 76-4 Kanayama, Ikegane, Okazaki, Aichi
    Representative: Tatsuhiro Maeda
    Established: 1965
    Number of employees: 73

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