EMO Hannover 2017: Success Story

Indexrights is pleased to announce that this year’s EMO Hannover exhibition was a success! Although attending the Hannover Messe for the past few years, this was the company’s first time at the EMO exhibition this past September.

Our Indexrights booth proudly spotlighted 7 of Japan’s best in manufacturing and production industries. The booth also had five well-equipped interpreters on-hand that were collectively able to communicate in five different languages: English, Japanese, German, French, and Chinese.

The booth attracted many visitors every day of the exhibition, among them were business managers, presidents, engineers, students, and others from all walks of life. Visitors to the Indexrights booth came from all corners of the world and were eager to get information on Japanese ground-breaking technology, exchange business cards with company representatives, and not miss out on their copy of the Protechnology Japan Magazine.

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The featured companies sent representatives to the exhibition and were able to meet with potential clients and business partners daily. Meetings were hosted by the Indexrights booth and company representatives were also able to visit other halls and booths with the assistance of our translators.

Indexrights is the publisher of the Protechnology Japan media outlet, active on Facebook, Instagram, online, and in print. Indexrights’ mission is to connect small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in Japan with the international market and vice-versa.

Among other things, Indexrights publishes key information on highly specialized and top quality Japanese SMEs in multiple languages through Protechnology Japan. In addition, Indexrights organizes exhibition booths every chance they get! The multi-national Indexrights team can be found at many large-scale exhibitions globally.

EMO Hannover is held every odd-numbered year once in Milan for every two in Germany. This year, EMO was held at the Hannover Fairgrounds in Germany. For 2017, EMO boasts having had close to 2,200 exhibitors and 260,000 attendees, half of which came from outside Germany.

The next upcoming scheduled Indexrights booths will be presented in the Nagoya Messe (November 2017) and Hanover Messe (April 2018). Indexrights invites companies from around the globe wishing to contact companies and/or find business partners in Japan to contact us at Indexrights or through Protechnology Japan. Our friendly and responsive staff is on-hand around the clock to answer you.


Here is a brief description of this year’s 7 featured companies at EMO:

Suruga Seiki Co. Ltd.

Suruga Seiki is a leading company in precision positioning with micro meter order and optical measurement fields. The company was established in 1964 and has since been offering precise and high quality products with affordable prices. The products are used for a variety of industries including smartphone, electronics, semiconductor, medical, and automobile. As a result, Suruga Seiki has the largest market share in the Asian motorized stage market.

Maeda Shell Service Co. Ltd.

With the help of Maeda Shell Services compressed air quality measurements and the resulting installation of air filters a broad variety of problems in several industries could be solved. We introduce some cases where energy and cost savings could be realized, because defects disappeared and machine malfunctions were significantly reduced. For more, click here.

Mikasa MED Co. Ltd.

Control panels and electricity go hand-in-hand, with all electrical instruments requiring one to function. Control panels have to be manufactured according to each country’s unique standards. In the international control panel industry, one company that boasts an unusually wide playing field, Mikasa Manufacturing Engineering Design (MED) Co. Ltd. For more, click here.

Sembokuya Corporation

Sembokuya Corporation is a process manufacturer that supplies prototype components for the aerospace, automotive, and transportation industries, as well as industrial equipment. Currently Sembokuya is focusing its energy on prototype manufacturing using metal additive manufacturing or metal 3D printing. The company can handle complete production, from molding to precision processing, and is now attracting attention as a prototype manufacturer that is uncommon even on a global scale.

Ohori Grinding Company

Ohori Grinding Company is a process manufacturer specializing in ultra-precision grinding of components. Its skilled workers are able to grind delicate materials that other manufacturers cannot handle, accomplishing industry-leading ultrahigh precision of 0.001 mm (one micrometer). The company supports machining for diverse fields including and handles a wide range of products from extremely small components requiring grinding in millimeters to large objects several meters in size. For more, click here.

E&H Precision Co., Ltd.

E&H Group is an automatic lathe precision processing component manufacturer that was established in Japan, and now has production bases in Thailand, India, and Mexico. It produces a variety of parts including automobile injector components, brake components, and audio components. It is exporting precision components made according to Japanese standards in safety and quality to 18 other countries.


I.Tech Inc. is engaged in the design and manufacture of specialized machinery and equipment as well as the production of machine parts. The company is active in various areas, including transportation equipment for liquid crystals and semiconductors as well as production/inspection equipment for the pharmaceutical industry. It is confident in providing rapid turnaround and in offering a complete service, from equipment design to production, inspection, and delivery.